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Pay 7 USD to download this seal as High Resolution transparent png image,without watermarks.

Seal Stamped on a PDF Document(Below)



Create A New Seal:-
  • Select a seal
  • Add Details
    1. Edit Text
    2. Format Text
    3. Select Seal Colour
    4. Select Seal Border
      • No Border
      • Single Line
      • Double Line
    5. Select icon image if required by the template
    6. Select Icon Color
      • Seal Colour
      • Original Colour
    7. Hit Preview

Pay(Click 'DOWNLOAD SEAL' button to download the seal. You can also save the preview image.Watermarks on Preview image will be removed after payment.On computer right click and select save image as.On mobile,long press and select download image. If you have any issue please write to or, quoting transaction id/proof of payment.)

Note:- Company Icon Images needs to be 1024 pt x 1024 pt image with/without transparent background.Lower resolution icons may give poor quality seal images.

Go to Stamp On PDF page to stamp(free of cost) the downloaded seal on a pdf document.

Go to StampSeal App page to launch the app and stamp(free of cost) the downloaded seal on a pdf document as Annotation.

Alternatively, if you want to use Acrobat Reader,the following web app(free) will convert your downloaded png seal to pdf seal.

Convert png to pdf

Select Seal Size

The following web app(free) will change the color of your downloaded png seal.

Change Seal Color

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