This application runs on Windows Desktop or Laptop computers only. It is a free application. If you don't have Acrobat Reader DC Pro version you can use this application to stamp seal on a pdf document. The seal is added as an annotation. You can add up to five seals. Click on the annotation to change its size or position.

How to add a seal?

Click ADD SEAL. Pick the seal from the File Open Window. This seal will be added to Standard seals list. You can add up to 5 seals.

How to pick a seal from Standard List of seals?

  Click Stamping Icon(the icon looks like rubber stamp. If you hover the cursor over the icon 'Click to add seal' will be displayed. ).Then move the cursor over Standard. A list(1 to 5 seals) of seals will be displayed.  Select a seal.  The cursor changes to a small seal.

How to Stamp a seal?

    Pick a seal from the Standard list. The cursor changes to a small seal. Move to the location on pdf document where you want to stamp. Then Click.

How to Resize/Re locate a stamped seal?

   Click on the stamped seal. Resizing handles will be shown. You can drag the resize handles to resize the seal. Or drag the seal to change its position on the pdf.

How To Delete a Stamped Seal?

  Right click the stamped seal and click Delete.

How to edit Pop-Up Notes / Properties of the stamped seal?

   Right Click the Stamped seal. Click Open Pop-Up Note/Properties. Ignore any License warning.

How to clear Standard Seals List?

    Click Clear Seals.