This is a windows desktop application. This application can create transparent (1024 px x 1024 px ) round seal images. Check the sample seals. Those round seal images can be stamped on a pdf document.  If you need more than one Company Seal ,
this application is recommended to you. You can create as many seals as you want and save them. Check the screenshots and video given below.

If you want to use round seals without watermarks,you will have to purchase the license key.The license key will be displayed after successful payment of 25 USD.An e-mail will also be sent.

Launch the Application , Click License then Activate. Enter email address. Paste the license key .Click Activate. Success message will be displayed.Exit the application. Launch the Application again. Done!

After activation,this application will be available offline as well(launchable from Start menu).

If you pay by card,use a working email address.

Launch the application and test it before initiating payment.

Pay USD 25 to generate License Key!