Business Plan app will help the user to create and edit Business Plans.Each plan can have up to fourteen numbers of component Heads(e.g. Executive Summary,Balance Sheet,Marketing Analysis,etc.).The user can edit details of the component heads.

Business Starter App:-

The following templates/tools will help you define,Analyse and Kick start your business:-

1.StartUp Cycle,2.Business Plan,3.Single Page Business Plan,4.Marketing Plan,5.SWOT Chart,6.TOWS Analysis,7.Business Model,8.BenchMarking.

Brief description of each tool/template textbox is given,for easy analysis and development.The user can save/edit Documents.User can export contents of the saved documents as rtf or pdf.

One page business plans app helps you write multiple business plans.

It is easy and quick to write a business plan for small business using this app.

You can use this app to refer to mentors,Bankers and promotors.

They can browse through multiple business plans and select

the most viable or attractive Plan.

The single page business plan is an indispensable tool to attract business capital.