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Sample Company Seals With QR Code
Sample Company Seals With QR Code

This Page creates digital Company Seals with QR code.

Create A New Seal:-
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    2. English CAPITAL letters are recommended.
    3. Leave blank for no text
    4. You can copy smiley text(e.g. star text emoji) from web and paste it in the text box
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Pay and Download the seal.
Click 'PREVIEW' button and Click 'DOWNLOAD SEAL' button to download the seal.
You can also save the preview image.
Watermarks on Preview image will be removed after payment,if you click 'PREVIEW' button.
On computer right click and select save image as.On mobile,long press and select download image.
If you have any issue please write to or, quoting transaction id/proof of payment.Please attach seal image and icon image if any,if you have any seal design problems.Email response time:- 24 Hrs(May take 48 hrs during weekends).

PRIVACY POLICY:- This web site does not collect or save any user data.It is a Self Service web site.

RETURNS & REFUND POLICY:- Returns and Refunds are allowed.If you have any issue please write to or, quoting transaction id and proof of payment.

Use large size seal image(more than 2 inches size recommended) for quick reading of QR code.

Go to Web Stamper page to launch a browser based web stamper(free of cost)to stamp the downloaded seal on a pdf document.Google Chrome browser is recommended.Watch video
Alternatively,Go to StampSeal App page to launch the app and stamp(free of cost) the downloaded seal on a pdf document as Annotation.Watch video
Alternatively, Go to Paste Stamp App page to launch the app and paste(free of cost) the downloaded seal on a pdf document. Watch video
Alternatively,if you want to use Acrobat Reader,the following web app(free) will convert your downloaded png seal to pdf seal.Watch video
Alternatively , you can use MS Word to insert the seal(in front of text) to a word document. Watch Video
Alternatively , you can use Pages to insert the seal to a Pages document. Watch Video

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